Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well, I have been a really bad blogger. Here it is the last of March and I am catching up with our Feb. vacation.
We went to Florida in Feb for ten days. What a welcomed relief from the cold north winters.
We made our first stop at my mother's in Melbourne Beach. She had just bought a house there and we wanted to help her get moved in. It is a very nice house with a beautiful pool. I posted some pictures of it. I can't wait to go back for another visit.
Emma did real well with the flights. She enjoyed visiting with her Grandma and Pa poo! We stayed there through Sun. and then headed over to Disney World. I couldn't wait for her first visit. Although I wasn't expecting that much excitement out of her because she probably had no idea what was going on. It was just as much fun to walk around and just enjoy being there. We did take her on the carousel which she wasn't to sure of at first. After a couple of minutes she started to enjoy it. We also took her on Small world which she really liked. She loved the music. She went on the magic carpet ride and didn't really care for that. The reason being is that as soon as the ride took off, the camel squirted water and it went into her face. The poor little kid.
The rest of the week went well. we spent a lot of time walking around EPOCT and going back to some of the parks. We also met up with a few friends from home.
Emma did real well all week. She would fall asleep in her stroller and when we go back to our hotel she would go right to bed. She was never really whiny unless she was hungry or tired and she didn't complain too much then.
She wasn't a fan of the characters. Maybe next time. we didn't want to overwhelm her too much.
When the week was done we were meeting up with four other families at Animal Kingdom. We all have met through the adoption process and have become very close friends. The last time we all were together we didn't have our little girls yet. This would be the first time we got to see each others girls. I couldn't wait.
What a wonderful day it was. When we got there I first saw Lori and we hugged and cried. We were so happy for each other.Then I saw Susan and Riz and Sophia, ext Sharon and Mary Alice and then I finally got to meet Diane and Gary with Bing. All of the girls were just beautiful. What an emotional meeting. We finally got to see all of the girls and they were all so adorable. We strolled around the park chatting and caching up. It was wonderful. We did a few things here and there but, it was just more fun spending the time together and watching the girls play together. Our dreams finally came through after a three year long wait.
We all sat and had lunch together and just let the girls get to know each other and play. The day was coming to and end and I just wish that we all had more time together. We all got ourselves together and headed out of the park. Some of us were heading over to Lori's house for the weekend.
What a great weekend we had at their house. They are the greatest hosts. Again it was nice to just sit around catch up and let the girls play. Diane and Gary also stayed there along with their daughter Bing. The girls played really nice all weekend. It was just so cute to watch them.
We had a really nice time, the guys played some golf earlier in the day and we went shopping for the food for the cookout and just hung out at the house. We really enjoyed every ones company. I just can't wait for our whole group of friends can be together and finally have all of our new children together. Reunion here we come
Enjoy the pictures. I know I posted them a while ago but, now you will know the story behind them.
Thanks Lori and Andy. Miss all of you. What a great weekend it was.

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