Thursday, October 21, 2010


Please be patient. I am trying to update my blog and make it interesting again. I have a lot of changes that I want to make and hopefully it will be really nice in the end.


We decide to get away for Labor Day weekend and head up to North Conway. Erik, myself, Katie, Emma and Katie's boyfriend Ed.
It was a beautiful weekend. The weather was perfect, the skies were so clear and the mountains were beautiful. It was nice to go back to where we used to live. It was also bittersweet. Not having the boys there was hard.
We all did some outlet shopping and then out to dinner. The next day we decided to take Emma to Story Land. We have so many fond memories there from when the other three were little. We would go a couple of times a year when we lived there. We always had such a great time. Now it is time to start making memories for Emma.
We walked in and the first thing she saw was, Humpty Dumpty. She couldn't figure him out. Next she saw the Old Lady that lived in the shoe and wanted to know why she had so many children and where they were. She didn't like Little Miss Muffet. The spider was so big. It went on and on from there. She absolutely loved it. She was so well behaved and no matter how tired she was she kept going.
She loved the tea cups, couldn't stop smiling on the roller coaster, went on the balloon ride, whale ride and so many more. There's tooo many to name. I couldn't believe how much she enjoyed all of the rides. She was just so happy. She finally was getting so tired that we decided to leave. It was a wonderful day. I can't wait to take her there again.