Saturday, July 18, 2009


I know that this is a very past due post. On June 12Th though the 15Th we traveled to Amelia Island Florida to met up with some very special people. These people I met three years ago in what we all thought would be a short wait to the journey of our daughters and sons. Little did we know that we would have waited over three years to get out children. In those three years we chatted on the Internet and got very close with a group of very special women. I would like to think of them as my family.
We shared fun times, hard times, long waits and disappointing news in the process of this wait. We became each others support system and family.
We first met each other in Philadelphia three years ago for a girls weekend and that's where it all began. Next there was a weekend in Savannah and then about a year later we had another one on Lakeland, Florida. We did finally let the husbands join us.
Now that we all have our children, it was time to get together again and finally get to meet each others children. We all met in Amelia Island for a great weekend at the beach. What a great weekend it was. All the girls are so beautiful and each have such cute personalities. They are all special in their own way. They were so much fun to watch and see all of them playing.
The first night there we had a nice dinner at the beach thanks to all of the people that were able to drive. They all supplied the food and drinks. The next day we spent at the beach and then later in the pool at the hotel. Later that evening we all went to an Irish pub for dinner. Can you just imagine 10 babies and their parents in one restaurant? It was a true experience. The resturant knew that we were coming but, I don't think that they could handle all of us. It was a nice time anyway. I just love spending my time with everyone. I only wish that I had more time to send with each and everyone.
Later that evening we decided to do pictures on the beach of all of the girls. We had these adorable little ladybug dresses, that Stephe gave all of the girls(thanks Stephe) and after that we were doing the girls in white dresses. I made each of the girls white pillowcase dresses. They all looked so beautiful.
It was one very special weekend and I can't wait for all of us to be together again. We missed a few people that couldn't make it this time.