Thursday, September 25, 2008


We have waited so long and now I feel that I can post Emma's picture. Don't ask me why I waited so long to do it, I just did. I just felt I had to respect the agency's request not to post. I guess where has that gone? Anyway here is our "Little Miss M"
Thank you Stephe for the beautiful picture. It is beautiful.


I just got my letter in the mail today that releases me from my Jury Duty that was supposed to happen while we are in China. I am so relieved. I was starting to wonder, as they picked the first juror for the trial yesterday. I thought that I missed my Appt. but, I didn't. I was supposed to report on Oct. 23rd. As of now, we will more than likely be in China then.
We have not heard anything about our Consulate Appt. yet. It has been such a long wait. I am so frustrated with this long wait. Our agency isn't given us any answers as to why. At this point we will most likely be traveling around or on the 16th of Oct. and probably returning around the 30th of the month. This is just a guess at the dates.
As many of you know that there is a problem with the formula being tainted in China. We are very nervous that Emma could have been exposed to this formula and just want to get her home and to a Dr. as soon as possible to have her checked out to make sure that she is OK. Just one more thing to worry about. It makes me sick and very sad to know that this has happened. I am hopping that Emma is OK. I can't even imagine if this has affected her and to know that something might be wrong, just makes me so angry and so sad at the sametime. I just need to get her home and make her safe and healthy.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


On Thursday our agency e-mailed us to let us know that we finally have our TA(travel approval or assignment). TA means that we have been approved to travel to China to get "little Miss M". I know that doesn't sound exciting to those of you not adopting but, it is very exciting for us. We have waited five weeks for this news and it is one step closer to bringing Emma home. The next step is, that we are now waiting for our CA(consulate appointment. This is where we will receive Emma's visa and be able to bring her home. Once we get our CA, we will know when we are traveling. I am hoping that we will get that early next week. I am hoping to have our travel itinerary by the end of the week. We are getting closer and I am starting to get really excited.
Now on to packing. How over whelming. I plan on doing a lot of that this weekend.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Well, it has now been five weeks since we got our referral for Emma. I can't believe that five weeks have passed. In one way it has gone by so fast and in another way it has been the slowest five weeks of my life.
We still have no information as to when we will be traveling. It is so frustrating. Our agency keeps saying that we are still on target. On target for what? We don't even have our TA(travel assignment). There have been other people in our Jan. group that are already in China picking up their babies. I wish that I knew what was going on. I do think that we will be traveling mid Oct.
In the five weeks a lot has been accomplished. As I have said in the last posts, there has been a lot of paper work to be done. Now that it is all done (I hope) we just sit here and wait. We are also waiting for our Visa to come.
We have gotten an update on Emma within the five weeks of waiting. She has only gained 3 ounces, yes that's right, three ounces. She has gotten 6 more teeth and has grown about an inch to an inch and a half. I just have no idea what size clothes to bring for her. She seems so small. I think we will bring some 9 months and some 12 months clothes.
We have also gotten Emma's finding ad. The finding ad is a picture of her that has been put in the local paper, in hopes that her parents will claim her. Once this ad is put in the paper and no one claims her, she is then free for adoption after a period of time. Emma's picture was taking at one day old. I feel so lucky to have this very small picture of her. I want to have as much history of our little girl as we can get. It will be something that we and Emma can treasure forever. The more information and pictures that we can get of her life before us will be very special. Just to have a glimpse into what her life might have been like in the orphanage, is something.
OK so now lets get traveling. I want to bring this very special little girl home and love her, hug her, kiss her and enjoy her so much.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Wouldn't you know it. I got called to Jury duty yesterday. Erik came home from work and had the mail and there it was. Just one more thing I need to have on my plate right now. More paper work. UGH! Not only did I get called but, it is when we are supposed to be in China. Just great!
What I have been called for is not a small case it is a capitol murder case. Now I have to try and get out of it. Not only just for that time frame but, probably for the next six months until Emma settles in. I couldn't imagine throwing her in a situation too soon. I don't know who would watch her durning the day. I can just see it now, I get home from China and they will be calling me to come in. This is not good timing.
Erik is calling and trying to get the information to see how I can get out of it. I was to upset yesterday to even think about it. I am sure that I can get out of it under the circumstances. It's CHINA or BUST!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well, it has been three weeks since we got Emma's pictures and information. It feels like it was so long ago. Since referral, we have had to fill out lots of paperwork including an application for our Visa's. As soon as we finish one set of paperwork, they give us another set. I'm wondering what's next. I hope that we are almost done.
I have also been trying to figure what we need for the trip. I am starting to gather things that we will need. It's going to be hard because our suitcases can only weigh 44 pounds in China so, we need to pack light. How do you pack light for a baby?
I have started washing all of Emma's clothes and bedding. What a job!
Within the three weeks, we have gotten a DVD from a women that has been to the same orphanage that Emma is currently in. We were very lucky to find her in the DVD. She is just so cute in. We can't believe that we have a glimpse of her life before us. I know that this is a very special gift for us and for Emma to have as she gets older. We are also waiting for Emma's finding ad which should be here any day. I have also sent Emma a care package. I put a bunch of different things in the box. A few of them are a photo album with all of us in it, a book of questions for the Nannies to answer, two cameras for them to take pictures of Emma's life for us and her, blanket,a little doll and other things for the babies and Nannies. I hope that she receives it. The only things that I care to get back are the cameras and the book. I will post a picture of the care package. It has been a busy three weeks and there is so much more to do before Emma gets home.