Thursday, October 21, 2010


Please be patient. I am trying to update my blog and make it interesting again. I have a lot of changes that I want to make and hopefully it will be really nice in the end.


We decide to get away for Labor Day weekend and head up to North Conway. Erik, myself, Katie, Emma and Katie's boyfriend Ed.
It was a beautiful weekend. The weather was perfect, the skies were so clear and the mountains were beautiful. It was nice to go back to where we used to live. It was also bittersweet. Not having the boys there was hard.
We all did some outlet shopping and then out to dinner. The next day we decided to take Emma to Story Land. We have so many fond memories there from when the other three were little. We would go a couple of times a year when we lived there. We always had such a great time. Now it is time to start making memories for Emma.
We walked in and the first thing she saw was, Humpty Dumpty. She couldn't figure him out. Next she saw the Old Lady that lived in the shoe and wanted to know why she had so many children and where they were. She didn't like Little Miss Muffet. The spider was so big. It went on and on from there. She absolutely loved it. She was so well behaved and no matter how tired she was she kept going.
She loved the tea cups, couldn't stop smiling on the roller coaster, went on the balloon ride, whale ride and so many more. There's tooo many to name. I couldn't believe how much she enjoyed all of the rides. She was just so happy. She finally was getting so tired that we decided to leave. It was a wonderful day. I can't wait to take her there again.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


A few pictures of Emma's first day of school. Sorry if some got posted twice. Not sure what happened.The photos start from the end of the day and go to the beginning. I'm a little rusty at posting.

Today my little girl headed out for her first day of pre school. I am so proud of her.
She started out the day by waking up at 6:10 am. Now, if you know anything about Emma, you know that she does not wake up early. Normally 6:00am would be like the middle of the night for her. She usually wakes up anytime after 9:30am to 11:45 am. Yes that's right. I have a three year old teenager. I tried to get her to lay in bed with me so that I could sleep a little longer. She stayed awake. She also woke up during the night. I guess she was a little excited.
So we got up and got going. She had very little breakfast and then got dressed. But we had to promise her that if she wore the outfit that I picked out, she could change as soon as she got home and don't you know, she did just that. She was stripping down almost as soon as we walked through the door. She just had to have that summer dress on and her flops, flops on her feet. Nothing like a good pair of flip flops.
We finally got out the door and headed to school. She seemed fine, maybe a little nervous. When we got there we walked her into the school and waited for the rest of the children to arrive. After all the children were there the teachers brought the children downstairs. Emma wanted us to come down with her. Which was fine. The teachers wanted us to leave as soon as they started to play. We went downstairs and Emma hung up her backpack and walked right in the classroom. She really didn't even noticed that we weren't following her. She went right over to the table and started to play with the play dough. She didn't seem to mind that we weren't there. I walked in to say goodbye and that I love her, she looked at me with a little worried look and I said that I would be right upstairs. She didn't even look back at me leaving.
You see, school was only an hour today to let the kids see what the routine was going to be like. They had the parents wait upstairs just in case they were needed (they had coffee and muffins for the parents). We weren't needed. She did just great.
As the morning came to an end, the teachers wanted the parents to go outside and get in their cars and line up for pick up so that the kids would get the idea how it would work when the school day was over. The teachers put the kids in the cars at the end of the day.
As we waited in line we cold see Emma through the doors getting ready to come out. As we were waiting, another mom came over to the car as she was leaving and said that Emma did just great. I was so happy. It came Emma's time to put her in the car. The teacher said that she did just fine but wanted to know why it was so short. We told her that the next day would be longer.
She was in such a good mood. She told us that they read stories, sang a song, played with play dough and had to sit on carpet squares. I guess the day was just perfect for her.
I can't tell you how proud I am of her. It was such a big step for some of these little girls to make a big change in their little lives. I' a little sad that she is growing up so quickly but very happy that she did so much better then I thought.
I guess I have to wait until next week to see how she really feels.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I can't believe that this day has finally come. We have now had Emma one day longer then she was in the orphanage. This one very tiny little girl that wasn't walking, crawling, only speaking and understanding Chinese the day we got her. Has come so far. She is now one very strong willed and a very determined little girl. She is the sweetest thing on top of it all. We have enjoyed every minute of her life with us so far. We feel so lucky to have her in our lives.
Every minute of every day is something new. She keeps us very busy with all of her questions of why? She has to know everything and the reason behind it.
She can be a challenge at times because of her strong will. She will not give up and always wants her way. All in all not a bad trait to have when she gets older (like I said, when she gets older). We just have to funnel it in the right direction. She keeps us hopping.
I love it when she just looks up at me in the middle of the day and says "I love you mommy" for no reason at all. I love it when she squeezes me so tight just because or when she wants me to pick her up and she puts her head down on my shoulder.
I love when she wakes up in the middle of the night and I bring her in bed with me and she cuddles right up next to me as close as she can get. Then she puts her arm around my neck really tight and falls asleep.
I love it when she says "mommy look" and I turn around and she is holding her doll all wrapped, cuddling her and rocking her like I would do with her. She is so proud of herself.
She's one wonderful little girl! All of it, priceless!
What a great 21 months and one day it has been.

I promise that I will be catching up the last 9 months of Emma's days.