Monday, May 25, 2009


This has been one busy weekend. We started off with a big cook out on Friday night for Katie's Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!
The weather couldn't have been any nicer for a cook out. It was in the 90's on Friday and by the evening there was a nice tropical breeze.
The party went really well. On Saturday we had to be at a Soccer Tournament to present 3 awards in memory of Tim. The soccer tournament which is held every year in our town, brings teams from all over New England and some other states.
Tim used to play in the soccer club. He played from second grade until 8Th grade. After that they head off to the high school teams.
Because Tim always displayed good sportsmanship, they decided to present an award in memory of Tim every year to three teams that display good sportsmanship during the tournament. Not only did the teams have to display good sportsmanship but, the coach and the parents had to as well.
They ask us to come and present the awards and to talk to the parents. We had to be there three times during the day yesterday.
Later in the day we went up to my brother's house for a cook out and a bonfire along with horse rides with the cart. Maria took Emma and I for a ride. Emma just thought it was wonderful and kept asking for more. She was just so cute. She really loves animals. She really wanted to touch the tail of the horse but, was a little afraid. She finally did touch it. We had a really nice time.
Today is a relaxing day. Beautiful weather.


I caught Emma sitting in her chair in the other room reading a book and it was just so cute when I walked in the room and saw her sitting there like that. I quicked grabbed my camera.
Emma's new slide. She loved it.
Emma really enjoyed her first cupcake.
Just a few cute pictures.


Here are a few pictures from a couple of weeks ago at Emma's first pre prom party. She loved all of the pretty girls dresses. She really enjoyed herself at the neighbors house.