Saturday, March 10, 2012

We Made It!

We finally made it to China. We arrived 8:00 Fri. night China time. I have been trying to post on my blog s, but it has been impossible. I have a fellow adoptive parent helping me out. He is actually on his way to China right now. Hopefully we will met up in Guangzhou.
I tried a post with all of the details from yesterday, but it did not go though. Sorry, this is so frustrating.
We went to the great wall yesterday. It was better then the first time. Emma amazed all of us. You could not imagine a 5 year old doing what she did. we climbed and climbed and climbed and walked and walked. It was beautiful. Extremely windy and cold. At some point you almost felt like you were going to blow away.
I have so much to post. I am just trying to see if this will go through. I don't think that a lot of pictures will work.
Today we are going to Tienanmen square, the forbidden city and hutong. After all that we get on a plane and head to Nanchang. SOPHIE DAY! Either tonight or tomorrow morning, Mon. China time. Hopefully it will be tomorrow morning so that we can get our selves ready.
Sorry no pictures. Hopefully when we get  I will be able to email, blog and skype. We can't do any of that right now.


Anonymous said...

So glad to know you are there all right! sounds like you're enjoying. Has Emma said anything about China yet? Can't wait to see Sophie. Can't post on her blog right now so I'll do it here. Love Mom

JEF said...

Good talking and seeing you and Emma. Glad you made it OK. Enjoy Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. We sure enjoyed it when we were there. Should be 46 Sun and 55 Monday in Nancheng. Guangzhou should be in the 70's from Wed on. Take care all and we will talk again in a couple of days. So excited for you guys. Love Dad, Sandy and Jamie

Stephe said...

So excited! Must have been amazing watching Emma on the Great Wall! Hugs.